Before I joined Chemical & Engineering News, I was an editorial fellow at Nature, a Kaiser Fellow at The Charlotte Observer, and a AAAS Mass Media Fellow at The Chicago Tribune. I have a PhD in environmental geoscience from the University of Notre Dame, where I studied the structural chemistry of uranium and other actinide elements.

When I’m not writing about science, I’m helping other writers tell their stories in the best ways possible, whether that’s through custom visualizations or detailed database reporting. I love experimenting with new storytelling concepts.

Check out some of my work below.

Digital Projects

ACS Chemoji

Mobile App: Chemoji

ACS Chemoji is here! Chemoji is emoji for chemists. The American Chemical Society launched an app in August to help chemists communicate visually on social media.


C&EN's T12

Quiz: Meet The T12

Quizmaster Jessica Morrison gives a glimpse into the lives of C&EN's Talented 12 when they’re not in the lab. Can you guess which little-known fact belongs to each person?


Tracking Fracking

Newsapp: Frack Map

Some states require fracking chemical disclosure to FracFocus, others require submission to a state agency, and nearly all allow a measure of trade-secret protection.



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